I had a great talk today with one of our school based Ed Techs regarding 21st century classrooms.  This school would like to set up a room that is the “model” to follow bringing teachers and students in to use the current technology for a lesson–cotaught with the ET.  The idea then is that the teacher returns to their own classroom with more confidence in using the technology.  I think there can be major agreement that kids don’t necessarily need confidence in using the technology, rather some of us do. 

A recent article in ASCD’s Educational Leadership entitled “The Principal as a Parachute” discussed how individuals who are true learners are not afraid to fail as they learn from their mistakes.  There are those of us (educators) out there who don’t take those risks as we want to be successful in our endevours.  This limits our growth.

As I digressed there for a moment, the point is that in order to develop 21st century classrooms, it will take more than tools to get us there–it will take risks by those who teach to get our kids there.

My question to you is, “what does a 21st century classroom look like?”

Have a good evening.