I got an email from a friend asking me what I thought about the Kindle and the applications in education.  Actually, I was asked if I had one first and then the educational application.  I wanted one, especially the newer, larger version but I am holding off.

I think that (as much as some PC diehards don’t like Macs) the new iPad has greater potential than the Kindle. While I think the Kindle is an ideal reader, and it has established a high base line to achieve, It may be limited to just a reader. Certainly, it has the capability to highlight and take notes, but I am not sure of the expanded capabilities beyond that. As long as teachers are using it to have students read and prepare for a discussion, it can be good. I would love to get one in my hands and do a side by side comparison of what uses it would have in the classroom.

The iPad it seems will have expanded capability for other uses as well as regular internet connectivity. The downside is that (at this point) there is no plan to include any office type products. It will read Word docs, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets but lacks editing capability. However, with office as an online product in the cloud, that capability may exist without folks really knowing it. I think the iPad will have far greater capability than a kindle and it will have access to the Kindle software as well as library (there’s an app for that).

Kind of renders the Kindle a little less attractive.

Your thoughts?