I wanted to repost this from last summer on my other Blog as I was thinking it is still relevant…

The NECC 09 conference has ended and this whole week has been an incredible read and great to follow online. I wasn’t able to attend, but with all the Twitporting going on, it was like being there. The statement that is the title of this post struck me first–and then many others bowled me over.

I read and re-read this Tweet on my smartphone over and over. I let it roll around in my head the last couple days and wanted to be somewhat coherent in my thoughts about a statement that has the potential to be very powerful.

As I read it once, I thought “content=curriculum and how does that become irrelevant?”

It doesn’t.

Curriculum doesn’t become irrelevant, it will always be there–it is the basis from which we teach. Curriculum may change, content may change, but it will not become “irrelevant.” In essence, it will take care of itself so perhaps it is not the thing we need to “worry” about.

The “process is the future” statement speaks volumes. Process by which we teach; process by which students learn; process by which students demonstrate understanding–there is the future.

In this web 2.0 world, those processes need to evolve much as the evolution has been from a single aristocratic student and his (purposeful) mentor evolved to classrooms and schools with teachers. Our processes need to evolve as tools have evolved from writing on the ground in the dirt to paper and pen to slates and chalk and eventually to our digital tools. How we as educators communicate with our students and they communicate with us is a process that we need to hone. What tools we use should become a part of our daily lives as it does for our students.

With that in mind, think about what tools there are to reach out to others educationally. Do you know? Do you want to know? What are your thoughts?